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Saturday, August 19, 2006
Hello to all of you inspired coders.
You have just landed to planet Visual Basic :-)

This is an attempt for source code tips in Visual Basic, a language most favourite for most of the coders worldwide for it's easy to use and develop concept.

Well, some times it can be rough. Real rough! (e.g. multithreading? windows services? errrr...) but in general, a coder can produce a really nice and easy solution.

My first programming language was BASIC. I remember the early 80's having my first ZX81 by Sinclair with a memory expansion chip that upgraded it's memory to 64k (whoaaaa!!!)
I wrote huge listings of BASIC just to play Centipede or Owlhunter (really cool games at that time). My storage media was a one hour cassette being played at my cassette player (Sinclair released some time later the ZX Spectrum having it's own cassette player) that took half an hour to load a decent game.... What a romantic decade of coding... (Macho finger muscles, i tell you)

Then from Visual Basic 3 ( Windows 3.1), to Visual Basic 5 with component development to Visual Basic 6. Loads of options for the developer but still a huge gap in programming options.

Microsoft did a large step in moving Visual Basic to a java-like form but still has lot to do regarding it's supported platforms, it's compiler and garbage collector etc etc etc....!

Anyway, please welcome this effort and post your thoughts and opinions or your coding tips freely. Help us grow in inspiration :-)

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  • At 1:30 AM, Blogger Leal said…

    This is the first Blog I found talking about VB!

    I am 66 years old, but I would like to learn VB. My knowleadge on the subject is pooooooor!

    Have you got tips on how I sould go about it?

    Thank you!
    Pls, cary on!
    Regards from Brazil

  • At 4:23 AM, Anonymous jGal said…

    Hi Leal, thanks for commenting and may i wish the best for you this new year.

    In order for someone to start coding in general, appetatite for learning is only needed.

    You must also buy a good book for beginners on how to code in visual basic. First learn the fundamentals then the hard stuff :)

  • At 1:42 PM, Blogger OttoMoBiehl said…


    Interesting site here. My first computer (and the one I learned basic on) was a TRS-80 CoCo with 16k ram. I had a lot of fun with that. After that was my C64 were I improved on BASIC and started delving into ASM.

    I've played around with VB but, for some reason, jumping into the world of OOP was really hard for me.

    Anyway, I like your site and should like to keep an eye on it.


  • At 8:07 PM, Blogger Kapalic said…

    Hi Friend,

    I was searching a site about visual basic to see how to post code. Can't find a way to post code with formating. I am migrating my visual basic .net blog from to

    Any suggestion about code formating in the post?


  • At 2:05 PM, Blogger -Peter- said…

    My name is Pedro, im from chile, and i want lear about VB.

    Impresive found a blog about VB!!
    And only curiosing!

    I always have want to learn about programing, but never found the FULL version of VB??

    ¿you know a place for downloading?
    I will be very happy n_n!!

    Well, take care, and Thanks.


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